Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching up with NaPoWriMo prompts

Day 2:
Postcards from a Poetry Forum

Dear Achates,

Hearts are smoking; it’s not a peace pipe
Fettered fuses collide, ridicule and gripe.
May you be so kind as to lend me a book,
One offering wisdom with merely a look?



Dear Anonymous,

Among the books found on my shelf,
Robert’s Rules of Order speaks for itself.
Something to live by out on the street,
Emily Post’s Etiquette entices aesthete.
If esteem’s what you want rather than libel,
Then take love’s advice etched golden; The Bible.

Yours truly,

Day 1
RED: A Tanka

Viscid blood sprays ire,
Venom spreads with the mound;
Vindictive fire ants.
A bed burning, whelps on skin-
Tread softly through Poe's hot mind.



Wayne Pitchko said...

I like what you have done here.....thanks for sharing your words

Elizabeth said...

Like the give and take of the first one, as well as the change of tone. The second one made me itch which means it did its job.


Jingle said...

lovely entries..

red could be happy color, hot poetic mind is grand to have,