Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PA prompt- Following

Following Two Crows

I am
In the silence
Of nothingness. I revel
In the mere state of being
Perfect refuge from an ill-fated
Day. A quick glimpse in the rearview
Mirror reflects moisture-glistened skin
My tongue sweeps across the beady moustache,
A salty treat for my parched mouth.
Sweat slowly slips into deep dark
Crevices, the innermost secrets
Of my curvaceous body. I
Slowly wiggle closer to
The open window
Hoping for some
Stifling air
Remains inert, a prisoner
In the hot afternoon sun. Two crows
Play in grassy sand- jumping, poking and
Then flying away. My eyes follow their
Paths to clear blue sky, and land on an
Array of cumulus clouds. A perfect
Cloud angel comes into focus.
Cottony wings are opened
Wide, inviting me
Inside. Suddenly
I know this day
Has not been
In vain.
I am.

@laurie kolp


Hannah said...

This one is so dramatic in the contrast of feelings/details/visions. Really well written, Lori! ~Hannah

brenda w said...

This is very well done! I love how you start inside yourself and move out into the world.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!