Sunday, April 3, 2011

Come One, Come All to > Language > Place Blog Carnival

Webster's Standard Dictionary defines carnival as "a time of merrymaking; a local festival; a traveling show."


Thanks to the money won at the women of maritime's annual Bingo night, our family was able to go to the South Texas State Fair this weekend. We stuffed our faces with shrimp-on-a-stick, turkey legs, corn on the cob and funnel cakes. We tiptoed around mounds of cow dung and caressed Pygmy goats. Of course the rides and side shows occupied a great deal of our time, as did the bucking horses and mesmerizing cowboys during the rodeo. Everyone was able to find something they liked at the fair, and they were sad to leave until next year.

Did you know there is another kind of carnival?

It travels around the web, landing at different blogs from all over the world. It offers entertainment for all who enter. Visitors will want to come back for more, and they won't even have to wait a year. Plus, it's free.


> Language > Place Blog Carnival just released edition #5, hosted by Parmanu. I am so happy to announce that I am part of the show. Yes, I have joined the circus. You can read my previous post "... and then there was a phone" in room 19. My good friend from Germany, Linda, has a spot in room 12. Please stop by and enjoy the show.  This one is free.


Linda H. said...

:-( Your carnival post is so much better than mine. I enjoyed reading it, and thanks for mentioning me. :-)

Jeni said...

Crazy stuff.... :)!