Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 22

PA prompt- Only one in the world

Everlasting love
Solace, serenity

@laurie kolp

NaPoWriMo prompt- Double dactyl poem

Eleanor Roosevelt: For the people, not above them

Higgledy, piggledy
Eleanor Roosevelt
National prodigy
Stubborn as well;

Objecting to debutantes’
Coming out socially;
Cup of tea hell.

@laurie kolp


Anonymous said...

This is not an easy form to work in...but you have done so masterfully. I don't think ER would have much use for comings out. Cup of tea hell is just plain brilliant. Vb

Laurie Kolp said...

Thanks, it was quite a challenge for me. You're right... ER was much more of a humanitarian.

brenda w said...

I love this piece! Roosevelt was an independent minded sort, and I have always appreciated that about her. Thank you for this, "cup of tea hell."

Jodi said...

Excellent, Laurie. Love it!!
True...these double dactyls were a real challenge. YOU did GREAT!

Mary said...

Excellent, Laurie. Your one of a kind poem is just in time for Easter. And your E.R. poem suits her!

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

apt acrostics.

keep it up.

Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

love the title, so insightful.

beautiful write…

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You will love the encouragements you get once you are in and make commitment.

Your poetry rocks!

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Hope to see you in!
Have A Blessed Easter!