Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 27


3WW- foolish, mercy, relish
NaPoWriMo- least favorite words (nincompoop, louse, twerp)

Mr. Nincompoop

As a child, momma always told him,
“Don’t be foolish in life’s decisions,
practice mercy, and relish each day.”

By the time he turned thirty,
he was labeled Mr. Nincompoop,
an unforgiving louse, and bilious twerp.

Why didn’t he listen to his momma?

@laurie kolp
Sevenling poetic form


Jae Rose said...

Poor Mr Nincompoop (such a wonderful word)..eventhough he's 'bilious'..Jae ;)

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, every kid should listen to their Momma!

VL Sheridan said...

Momma knows best. Maybe it's not too late to change.

anthonynorth said...

Ah, so often the case. Enjoyed that.

Unknown said...

Oh, yes! Momma knows best. This is a fun one, Laurien

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh lee said That's right Mother knows best!Great poem

Christine said...

Nincompoop is such a great word. It always makes me laugh, poor slob, why didn't he listen to momma?

Anonymous said...

Why indeed? Great used of the three words this week!

Ren said...

Christine said it right LOL

Old Egg said...

So he bucks the trend, ignores his mother and becomes an individual we can write about. We don't need many but a few help us in our writing.

Laurie Kolp said...

Thanks... moms always know best(most of them, that is), don't they?

oldegg- Crazy characters are the best... = )

Altonian said...

"Some mothers do have 'em"......"Oooooh, Betty!"

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

Always listen to your mamma.

Mr. Walker said...

Laurie, a good take on the three words and a nice sevenling as well. Bilious is a great word. Thanks.