Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PA- A Message in a Bottle poem, and 'Stylish Blogger' award

Thank you Lisa of Inspired by Lisa for this lovely blog award!

Here are seven things about me in the form of a poem based on PA's prompt, A Message in a Bottle poem.

My Middle Name is Katherine

If you should find this note inside this bottle clear,
I was 43 years old, 2-o-11 was the year.
Earlier in life I taught in schools, lived out on my own
But then I met Mr. Right, said goodbye to life alone.
The children I had born, a daughter and two boys,
truly were God's blessings, spreading endless joy.
America was in troubled times, my faith replaced all fear
I escaped all pain in rhymes and shared my work right here.
I hope you find this message and recognize my name
from poetry, short stories, or a novel claim to fame.

Can you find my seven things? The first fifteen people to leave a comment with a link to their blog will be the next recipients of this 'Stylish Blogger' award (I will post the winners on this blog). All you have to do is link back to me, write seven things about yourself, choose ten to fifteen people and pass it along.

Many blessings...
Laurie Kolp


Linda H. said...

Am I the first to comment? Can that be?

In any case, your 7 things are:

1. Your middle name is Katherine. (By the way, I like that it is spelled with a K and not a C.)

2. You are 43 years old.

3. You were a school teacher.

4. You are married.

5. You have one daughter and 2 sons.

6. You are a woman of faith/believe in God.#

7. You are a writer of many things but also a poet who sometimes writes rhyming poems.

Did I miss anything?

Laurie Kolp said...

You got it, my friend. Thanks!