Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carry On Tuesday

Say No to Hate, Yes to Love

everyone, everywhere
pointing fingers, cursing names
who did what when where how why
full of hatred, full of blame
I see it in the schoolyard
shopping malls and county seats
he said she said we said they
blah blah blah- it’s grave deceit
each day we have a brand new choice
to live this way or not
after all tomorrow is another day*
it may be all we’ve got
so try, just try this once
compassion, love and grace
in every new endeavor
let’s put a smile on each face

@laurie kolp

Carry on Tuesday prompt this week was to use the famous line (or part of it) from Gone With the Wind in a poem.


Linda H. said...

Love it...and love you, too!


Anonymous said...

Rather nicely done!

I enjoyed this very much.

Anonymous said...

Oh! that was a lovely verse. I loved the flow of the poem. It was like a song

Whitesnake said...

i like it when i can relate something of me to something of you/or the author of something.......