Monday, April 18, 2011

A Nice Surprise from PA!

I was so honored and humbled to learn that I Am the Sea made it to #3 on Poetic Asides' sonnet contest. Thanks, Robert Lee Brewer; and congratulations to the other top ten winners. Most importantly though, thank YOU for visiting my blog, reading my poetry and leaving comments. You give me the strength to stay afloat. Click here to see the top winner and remaining list.

I Am the Sea

The water’s edge laps rhythmic solitude
Enticing waves, the arms that call me in;
I drown in bitter sorrow from this feud,
Then like a buoy pop up once again.
Rejuvenating tides this cycle bears,
My fingers slap calm water freshening.
Hypnotic reverie from ocean’s prayers;
A dolphin diving up and down, I sing.
Am I insane to dream myself to shore?
To think white castles hold the golden key?
Each time a current pulls me to the floor,
An inspiration molds my destiny.
I am the sea, I write to fill this hole;
No storm or wind will crush my hungry soul.

@Laurie Kolp


Maggie said...


It's beautiful.

Unknown said...


Dunstan said...

Nice poem - all dreamy

Anonymous said...

Can see why this is a winner...congratulations. Vb

Linda H. said...

Congrats,Laurie! I am so happy for you.

Anonymous said...'s an honor indeed to receive recognition from many participants. I can understand how this rose to the top.

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

happy for you.

stunning imagery. love the rhythms and word flow,


Buddah Moskowitz said...

Although I am completely unschooled in poetic forms, this transcended any mere form: it was powerful, quiet and even sublime.

Thanks - sincerely, Moskowitz

Anonymous said...

"ocean's prayers" I like that...
enjoy the rally!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations ... I love the sea ... vivid imagery makes my heart sing! Thank you for sharing!

annell4 said...

Wonderful...recognition and wonderful piece! Well deserved!

Unknown said...

I see why this one was recognized. It is exceptional! It flows with intrinsic melody while diction simultaneously delivers a very clear message.

Anonymous said...


irene said...

What a bobbing feeling. I like

Am I insane to dream myself to shore?

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah, dead good! I really like this one!