Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to make comments on Blogger sites

Dear Google/Blogger/,

Are you okay? I can tell that you have been under the weather lately. Whenever I try to comment on other people's blogs, you regurgitate all over me. I sign in under the profile as a Google Account user and am led on a circuitous rigmarole, even when I follow the blog on which I want to comment.

Please find a way to stop spreading your noxious germs.

Yesterday I went through the tedious process of being redirected to the Blogger Sign-In page whenever I tried to comment on friends' blogs. I had to type my user name and password and was directed back to the comment box, where I had to type in the code and press send several times. Imagine my frustration when I landed back on the Blogger Sign-In page and had to go through the process all over again! When I thought I had finally beat your disease after three tries, my comment was signed Anonymous.

You really need to check your medication.

I have found a way around your shenanigans, though. First, the setting for comments on my blog is set as a Pop-Up Window. Second, I allow Anyone to make comments, not just Registered users (the code weeds out spammers). Another safety measure I practice when possible is that when I comment, instead of signing in as a Google Account user, I scroll down and click on the Name/URL option. These minor adjustments have helped alleviate your irksome plague. I hope other Bloggers will do the same.

Please get better soon. I would hate to lose you.


Laurie Kolp
Editor, Conversations with a Cardinal and Conversations with Laurie


Sylvia Ney said...

Love this! I'm glad I'm not alone. It also deleted a few of my followers and comments that were already there.

Anonymous said...


Jeni said...

LOL.... did your sweet letter work? It must have because I got some comments from you :) your humor!