Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bloom Where Planted

I must say the teachers at my children's school have done a wonderful job preparing for this school year, which begins Monday. You see, the old school is being torn down so a new one can be built (thanks to a bond issue that passed). While the new building for the school is being built, the school is being housed in a "portable school" at a different site. Everything is a portable- the classrooms, the office, the nurse, library, art, music, P.E., bathrooms and even the cafeteria. I must admit I was a little skeptic about the whole thing, and I have suffered quite a bit of fear and anxiety because of it. Would my children be safe? Would they still like school? Will they get the education (with all the amenities) they deserve? How would this work?

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to "meet the teachers" Katie, Andrew and Nicholas would have this year at the portable school. Guess what? The kids loved the temporary site and the teachers have gone out of their way to decorate their rooms to make a cozy, safe and comfortable learning environment. All of the buildings are connected by a covered walkway and the students will not be lacking anything (except, perhaps, assemblies or programs~ there is not a portable big enough to house all of the kids at once).

There will be a few kinks to work through, I am sure. For one thing, the P.E. portable is not big enough to house a whole grade level. The coach is very disappointed. Also, lunch will be a challenge. One portable is the serving line and then the kids go to one of several dining halls to eat. The weather could cause some setbacks, too. But despite the challenges, my children are looking forward to school and the teachers are very optimistic. They have "bloomed where planted" and I am grateful for that.

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Jeni said...

How very very exciting... I always loved the start of school! Nice blog about the changes in their school... you are so involved! so in tune! love you my friend.