Friday, August 28, 2009

Chocolate Lab Puppies

A friend of ours just had nine chocolate lab puppies- pure bred. The proud parents are Godiva and Hershey. Don't you love those names? They also have another lab named Whitman. Yummy~ I'm hungry for some chocolate now. The puppies were born on Pete's birthday, August 16. Mike called Pete and told him they were coming that evening, so Pete and Katie drove out to Mike's farm to watch the births. Unfortunately, they stayed for a while and none were born (momma was resting between puppies), but they got to see the few already born and observe a dog in labor (contractions, blood, etc.). Pete and Katie had a great discussion about the birth process, too. Eleven were born that night, but two didn't make it. Overall, it was a wonderful learning experience for Katie!


Julie said...

Those puppies are so cute!

Jeni said...

Wowsie.... That is so great! What a memorable experience! I've never seen that but have Bern curious.... Cool!