Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy birthday, to my first born!

Happy Birthday, Katie! Ten years ago today, I was writhing with labor pains. You see, Katie was breech- and she wasn't about to budge (believe me, the doctor painfully tried to turn her). So we had scheduled the c-section for August 10th. I was to check into the hospital at 10:00 AM. But the night before, my water broke after we had gone to bed.

I remember waking up Pete, who groggily said, "It's okay. Go back to sleep!"

Well, that retort did not suffice me, so I eagerly called the doctor, who said, "Don't worry unless the labor pains get to be five minutes apart. Try to get some sleep."

Sleep I did not get that night. I stayed up the whole night with my sweet cat, George, by my side. It was the longest, lonliest night! I tried to occupy my time by playing Solitaire and other sundry things. The pains were about fifteen minutes apart. When Pete finally woke up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I felt worn out, yet my adreneline was keeping me going. The time finally arrived to go to the hospital and Katie was born at 12:22 PM via c-section (she still hadn't turned). She weighed six pounds, nine ounces and was nineteen inches long. Our healthy baby girl had a head full of jet black hair. I guess what they say is true- if you have heartburn and acid reflux while pregnant, the baby will have a head of hair!

Ten years have gone by so fast. Katie is the epitome of a Leo (just like her dad). She can be strong-willed and loves attention. She is very independent- I could rely on her to cook a fabulous meal for the family. She loves to read, dance, swim, cook and her ultimate dream is to ride horses. I love you, Katie!


The Voice said...

Yeah! For us gorgeous, talented, fun loving people born in August.

Happy belated Katie.

Holli said...

Wow! I know how you feel. My baby turns 4 in a few short days and I can hardly believe it!

Jeni said...

I am a bit partial to Leo's :)... Mary & me are both Leo's to the bone!! so Katie holds an extra special place with me ~ xoxo! Time does fly - It's hard to believe Chad & I have been together for 15 years! Crazy huh?