Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tornado Hits!

Today has been quite bizarre around town. A tornado touched down and blew the roof off of the Wal-Mart and Kohl's stores. I have a friend who was checking out in Wal-Mart when the tornado hit. She said that all of a sudden, glass started blowing into the building and the manager made everyone run to the back of the store. Luckily she is okay, but some people got hurt and had to go to the hospital. Cars were piled on top of each other, but again, she was lucky.

I am grateful the kids, Pete and I were at home safe and sound. We were oblivious to the whole thing until my mother called to inform us of the tornado. Our electricity went off for about two minutes and we got some thunder and rain, but other than that it seemed like a normal summer rain. Pete had woken up at 3:00AM this morning to go offshore for a job and was sleeping during the storm.

I think about how in just a split second our lives can be turned upside down and how important it is to enjoy each moment we have. That is exactly what I plan to do.


Holli said...

That was certainly scary! Glad to hear you're friend is ok!

Jeni said...

I'm glad your okay too..., crazy how unexpected that was!