Monday, August 17, 2009

A Sunny Day

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
~Helen Keller

Do you see the cup as half empty of half full? I must admit that for a while, I saw the cup as half empty. My outlook on life had changed. Once happy, joyous and free; I suddenly felt sad, depressed and miserable. Life was happening and it was not good, or so I thought. Small tasks started to overwhelm me and I was not motivated to do much of anything except sit and sulk. I began to isolate and push away family and friends who were concerned about me. I felt trapped in a life of despair.

Someone once told me when I was struggling, "Well, if I had been through the things you have- the car wreck, hurricanes Rita and Ike, the unexpected suicide of a close friend, sickness within the family, and lack of money- I'd be depressed, too."

I appreciated the kind words at the time because they gave me permission to waddle in my sorrows. I soon became sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I took some time off. During my month-long sabbatical, I was able to recharge my soul and rethink my thinking. I was able to deal with the issues that had been blocking me off from the sunlight of the spirit and reconnect with God. I was able to have closure on that part of my life and accept everything (good and bad) as God's will so I could move forward with a new attitude. And guess what? I feel happy, joyous and free again. I am happy to be alive each day I wake up and want to live life to the fullest. I am joyous because I have a new outlook and no longer carry a fifty pound backpack of burdens on my shoulders. I am free to live each day doing God's will. I am free because I give all my problems over to God each day. I am no longer a slave to negativity when I replace those bad thoughts with positive thoughts of God. Every new day is a gift from God and I am grateful for that. I have learned that as long as I stay connected to God, I will know peace. Only HE can change the way I feel and I am letting Him.

There is no shadow, Lord, if I place myself directly in the sunshine of Your presence. Thank You. Amen. ~Unknown


The Mendez Family said...

Laurie, I have really enjoyed reading your new blog this morning! I'm so glad you are back and are doing well. I knew you would be back soon because I know the Lord is your Stronghold and though sometimes we stumble we always get back up with His help.
I also really like the quotes you post...this one by Helen Keller especially. Wasn't she blind and deaf? That would make this quote especially amazing wouldn't it?
Thank you for inviting me to your new blog...I'm priveleged to follow it!

Jake Chambers said... weren't kidding about spending time at the computer and capturing your thoughts.


This is some really good stuff you are sharing with us. Thanks.

As for half-full or really depends on the day for me. Many days I become so engrossed in the rituals and routine that I realize I have to remind myself to take a breath....believe it or not, my quiet time is during the drive to and from work....with chaos in between....

Looking forward to tagging this blog as another favorite....