Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finding the Right Time to Write

I love to write, always have. When the kids are in school, I sit at the computer for hours on end and type away. In fact, my handwriting has suffered due to lack of use; I type almost everything. I love it when the words flow easily and hours pass that seem like minutes. I take advantage of those prime writing days.
But sometimes the words don't come as easily...especially in the summer. That is one of the reasons I took a sabbatical in July~ I needed an attitude adjustment and I simply did not have time to write. I did use the time for contemplative reflection and am empowered with a fresh idea for a novel. I cannot wait to begin writing the book. Once the kids start school in nine days, I will (hopefully) be able to dive right in. I will keep you posted on my progress.

1 comment:

Jeni said...

I am so happy for your passion for writing. You write beautifully. I know what you mean when it feels good as the words just flow :). 9 days to school... holey moley!