Monday, May 10, 2010

G is for Gratitude

As I have stated before, I try to have an attitude of gratitude.  But sometimes my busy life begins to cloud my thinking and I find myself fretting over things I can't even control.  The "what ifs"  move into my head and push back any gratitude I have.  The gratitude is still there, but gets forgotten.  I waste time and energy worrying about senseless things, but when I let go of these burdens and focus on what I am grateful for, I am at peace.

Today has been as busy as the weekend was, and I am tired.  Katie had her dance recital Saturday night after a lot of practice Friday and Saturday.  I found myself in a tizzy when I had very little time to get Katie's lunch.  Our downtown has undergone a lot of changes and I accidentally ended up rushing down a one-way street...going the wrong way, of course (no cars were out, so no need to worry, right- NOT).  Then I shuffled around and ran into a main street that is being completely dug up and is temporarily closed.  I went through the barricade and dirt anyway (the "food place" was on the other side).  By the time I had myself all worked up, I made it back to the theatre in the nick of time to eat lunch with Katie before she had to line up for her dances.  I was not thinking gratitude at this point, I was worrying and rushing.  The "what ifs" were swimming in my head, and it was all for nothing.  I made it back.  Katie ate.  The show went on.  What a waste of energy.  Maybe that is why I am so tired.

While we were busy, Pete and the boys were off having fun at a work-related crawfish boil...

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Jeni said...

"Easy does it" is what they say :)! I know how you feel.. I've been losing my memory the past couple of weeks. We have to slooooooow down sometimes. Nice post ~ i do a daily gratitude list on my iphone - I have a "gratitude app" :).
it helps!