Wednesday, May 19, 2010

O is for Ode

Something about your crimson red
catches my eye when feeling blue.
How can thy not appreciate your white,
purely ethereal and heaven sent,
giving birth to promises of green?
When none other than your chirp
esteems a melody of sunny yellow;
songs that echo symphonic silver,
so that even when I cannot see you,
I feel our electric connection.
Your honor and reverie shines,
dropping splashes of pure gold-
such divine inspiration you are!
Oh, how I love your sweet purple
that ripples effervescent faith
through my hungry soul,
a myriad of pink blessings
fragrant and everlasting,
cleanses me, cures me.
My sweet red cardinal,
your rainbow of color
paints hope in my heart;
I adore my messenger
of love
from above.

@Laurie Kolp

1 comment:

Jeni said...

Beautifully said. I can relate to every ounce of it! I had that connection myself on Saturday 6/19! I ran in the house in such a high! Telling chad every moment that led up to the connection. It was so serene and I felt at peace through the presence of the lil red bird..... I blogged about it :) but I didn't describe it quite how I felt it... thats hard!