Sunday, May 30, 2010

Y is for Yesterday, and X Stuff

Yesterday I took a two-hour self-defense class.   Muscles I didn't know I had were sore last night, like a little spot on the side of my spine (probably from the punching exercise), the middle of my calf (kicking), and stomach and legs (throwing someone off of me).  I never knew I could defend myself against someone much bigger than my wee little self.  I also did not know I would be the dummy sometimes during the class; we had partners to "try things out on."  Of course with my luck, I had a Taekwondo instructor who knew the ropes.  But, I learned as long as I do the right moves in the right spots, I can get away from anyone.  Hopefully, I will never be faced with that kind of situation.

X Marks the Spot
"X marks the spot with a dot, dot, dot and a dash, dash, dash and a big question mark."  Have you ever heard of this?  Watch the video and you will see a demonstration of this fun little trick my children like. It has a surprise ending!

xoxoxo- Hugs and kisses, or kisses and hugs?

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Jeni said...

Cool! I've always wanted to take a self defense class :)!! you go girl! come to NY & kick anyones butt who comes in your way ~ hehe