Tuesday, May 18, 2010

N is for Nic...

No, not Nicholas;  Nicole.  Kidman, that is.  You see, she and I share the same birthday- year and all.  June 20, 1967 (sshhh, don't tell). 

Tonight (for real, tonight) Katie asked me this question: "Who is Nicole Kidman?"

I proudly looked at her and said, "Why she's an actress.  We share the same birthday- year and all."

"Really?  What does she look like?" Katie asked.

"Well, she has long red curly hair like Aunt Chelsea and speaks with an Australian accent like the Crocodile Hunter did.  Why?"

"I saw her name in the newspaper's word find today and had heard it before, that's all."  And here's the punch line...  "She's kinda old to be an actress, isn't she?"  OUCH!


Jules said...

Dang! That had to hurt!! LOL... She may actually enjoy her films (some of them anyway) if you are so inclined to share them with her. She is one of the better actresses of her generation (our generation as I am not too far behind in years - '72).

Linda H. said...

Kids say the darndest things :-)
Guess I am old then too.

Jeni said...

LOL... kids!!!
Oh my goodness Laurie ~ I meant to wish you Happy Birthday all day yesterday! I'm so sorry :(!!
Happy Day After your Birthday ~ xoxoxoxxo