Friday, May 28, 2010

W is for Weddings

Is it Christmas?  The reason I ask is because June is going to be like December for us this year.  Of course we will have our normal two birthdays (Nicholas' and mine) and Father's Day (which is on my birthday), but this year we also have two weddings in June.  They are not just weddings we have been invited to either; they are weddings of two very special people in our lives- my nephews, David and Matt.  David is getting married in Beaumont and two weeks later Matt is getting married in Dallas.  We love the women they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with, Linda and Jen.

Katie is so excited because she gets to be in both weddings.  One of the dresses she is wearing flows down to the ground, and the other comes right to the knee.  They look funny in her room hanging side by side, one so formal and long, the other short and summer-like.  What a symbolic contrast between brothers and their brides; each unique and special.

Andrew will be the ring bearer and wear a tuxedo in David's wedding, and Nicholas will do the same in Matt's wedding.  They, too, are excited about participating in the special events.

I know it will not be long before our children go down the aisle, if that is what God has planned for them.  I only hope they find the kind of everlasting love that Pete and I share.  When it is right, it works.  Merry June!

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Jeni said...

What wonderful occassions you get to bear witness and be a part of :)! We have that all the time up here. Thats what happens when you have alot of loved ones in your life. Kinda tough on the budget though. Oh well, its always worth it! Enjoy my friend....