Wednesday, May 26, 2010

U is for the Unique Umbrella Bird

Okay folks, I'm drawing on strings here.  Since I wrote a poem about umbrellas on my poetry blog (where I am doing the same alphabet challenge), I decided to share some interesting facts on a bird with several unique characteristics.  The umbrella bird, or umbrellabird,  is a very odd-looking bird that can be found in the South and Central America tropics.  It has a crest that can be drawn in or out resembling an umbrella.  This bird also has a long feathered wattle, which can grow up to 18 inches long.  The umbrella bird can grow up to 20 inches long.  The male is a blue-black color and the female is brown with a smaller waddle.  Another type of umbrella bird has a bare red-orange wattle.  They are definitely not as beautiful as cardinals, but unique just the same.  What do you think?


Jeni said...

U for Unique!!! and unique is always beautiful to me. I could never compare the beauty of all the birds out there... there are sooo sooo many! Aren't they all beautiful? Oh, well, not that dang blackbird (hehe - j/k)

Spurwing Plover said...

You have to admit south america has some very distinctive birds like this and often found nowhere else including MR UMBRELLABIRD and his relations