Tuesday, May 11, 2010

H is for Hematoma

My poor husband, Pete.  I sent him to my new doctor for a physical a few weeks ago (our old doctor had moved).  The doctor wanted to have Pete's  blood drawn, so he went back last week to have it done.  Pete came home complaining how that was the worse  experience he had ever had getting his blood drawn.  When a huge hematoma-looking thing appeared on his arm, I knew it must have been bad.  The sad thing is that when Pete went back to show them what the phlebotomist had done, nobody offered an apology whatsoever.  Instead they tried to cover their bases.  It's a sad world we live in today.


Holli said...

Ouch! That's too bad!

Jeni said...

oh my! That is terrible! Great picture though.... proof of someones imcompetence. good thing it only "looked" bad & wasn't bad.