Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Morning to Remember

Breathe in, breathe out... I'm still trying to recover from the heart attack I almost had this morning. I had to go get blood work at 8:00. On the way, I was feeling weak from no breakfast, missing my coffee and thanking God I didn't always have to get out during rush hour traffic when a car pulled out right in front of me. He was turning left going from his subdivision onto the four-lane highway to travel south. I was in the left lane going north cruising at 50 mph (the speed limit). The car in the right lane was turning right on the same street the guy was pulling out from. Well, I must have been hidden from the other car because before I know it there is a car right in front of my van trying to cross our lanes to get to his. Boy did I wake up! I swerved while I honked nearly hitting the car turning right. Thankfully I made it through with no dents or bruises, but my adreneline sure did kick in. I was close to the doctor's office and all of the sudden I didn't miss my coffee and breakfast was the farthest thing from my mind. I thanked God for watching over me and took some deep breaths to try and calm down.

Back track a couple of hours and I was groggily, but serenely checking my e-mail when I heard a small quiet chirp outside my front window. The curtains were drawn, so I opened them slowly, and lo and behold, a beautiful cardinal was sitting on the windowsill. He then flew to the birdfeeder that is right in front of our big window and started eating. I knelt down and said a prayer of thanks and asked God to direct my life today. I also asked to know His will for me and to have the power to carry it out. I felt peace and warmth come over me. A few days ago, I had been reading and the same thing happened- I heard a quiet chirp and was drawn to the window. Again, there had been a cardinal. I truly feel that when I see a cardinal, it's a sign from God that He is with me. Nothing can take the comfortable feeling I get from that away...except a reckless driver. Oh well, I'm not perfect.

In every part of every day, I thank You for walking beside me. Thank You for the joy that your closeness brings. Amen

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Jeni said...

I'm so glad you are safe. What a blessing every moment of our life is. That reckless driver is proof that accidents happen very quickly. I've been hearing the chirp, chirp, chirp too. Even at night. My cardinals are in my trees. yesterday when I got home from my Conn. trip, they were going crazy as if welcoming me home :).